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David Roberts

Recovering IT Executive | Credentialed Cybersecurity Expert | Security Framework Evangelist | Passionate IT & Cyber Innovator | Speaker & Facilitator

About David Roberts

Authentic, engaging, driven, and highly credentialed cybersecurity and security framework expert with entrepreneurial and C-level experience in multiple technical organizations spanning over 2 decades. Professionally, I am at my best when actively engaged with small high performing teams on complex IT, security, risk, or compliance projects. I am always contextualizing the technical side of the business with the operational side ensuring profitable action is being taken towards primary goals.

I hold multiple degrees including a MAR from Liberty University, MATS from American University of Biblical Studies, BBA from Clayton State University, and recent programs in Technology Leadership from Cornell University. I currently hold the following industry credentialing: CISSP, CCSP, SSCP, CAP/CGRC, CSM®, CCP, & AZ-900. I am also prepping for the super fun Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) by EC Council, not just for another cert, but rather to ensure I stay sharp in a rapidly changing industry.

“David’s ability to balance the technical and interpersonal aspects of the CISO role created and fostered a palpable camaraderie. He has an uncanny ability to explain the most technical concepts in a manner that lay people could understand. His sense of humor and approachability made it easy for the team to connect with him on a personal level. To the extent cybersecurity can be fun, David made it so.”

– Gary Almeter, Author/Attorney

Industry Credentialing Facts

ISC2 is the gold standard in cybersecurity training, certification and continuing education. Founded in 1989 and continuing to push forward with innovation towards a safe and secure cyber world. New initiative on the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) program offers free CC exams & training with the goal to train and bolster the lagging cyber workforce by 1 million people! I started my credentialing with the CISSP, continuing with other offerings in the program. I continue to support ISC2 programs and wholly recommend to anyone in the field and actively hold CISSP, CCSP, SSCP, CAP/CGRC from ISC2 in addition to AWS CCP and Microsoft AZ-900.

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65,000 worldwide

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

92,938 US - 147,591 worldwide

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Less than 100,000 worldwide

David’s Insights

Explore the world through my lens as I share my personal insights, stories, and reflections on a variety of topics. Join me on this journey of discovery and inspiration.

Which area of expertise are you looking for?

David has tremendous experience working with small to medium sized organizations struggling with complex IT, security, risk, or compliance projects.

Event Types: Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops

Topics: AI, GRC, XaaS, vCISO, Functional Cybersecurity


Engagement Positions: vCISO, vCIO, vCTO

I’m an avid college football fan… Go Ducks!…and lover of the Outdoor Channel… “Hey, Jim Shockey!”. In my dream life, I would climb Mt. Everest, caribou hunt the northern Brooks Range of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, and live on 100+ acres in Montana where “a river runs through it”.

What do clients and peers have to say?

Dave is adept at staying in front of trends and tracking where the market is going. He also manages to cleverly synthesize highly detailed technical data into easy-to-understand concepts for the wider audience, while simultaneously appealing to the technically savvy individuals looking for specificity in design. He always takes the time to explain information clearly. He is a natural teacher, a brilliant speaker, and a forthright communicator.

Rachel Schildgen

Director Proposal Ops, SJ

David has continually exceeded any expectations in my 20 years being in business. David is a highly intelligent, passionate individual, and does not stop until a resolution… ever. He always carries himself with great professionalism while utilizing his calm and level disposition even under highly stressful circumstances. He is fully invested in the cause. Never gives up. I only wish that our paths had crossed earlier.

Michael Kirchoff

CEO & Sr. Engineer, Datatel 360

I have known some crazy smart people & really hard workers in my day. David is BOTH of these. He is able to synthesize the essence of a problem (complicated business issues, unique value of a company for sale, or the simplest solution to an impossible technical dilemma) with ease. It’s like he has a 6th sense. David can also hold the attention of a room full of people, such that no one is on their cell phones or otherwise distracted. And when he is finished, all attendees feel they were lucky to attend.

Michael T. H. LeBlanc

President & CEO, CCi Voice

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